Epiphany who?

If I have to be my own purpose, how the fuck am I supposed to live?

I hate myself and my existence and yet!

Here I am

Giving my best to everyone else

But what about me?

How do I remove myself from this child like mentality that holds me back? The one that feels like life should be fair and equal

And for why? Because one guy said that’s how it should be and he couldn’t even follow through?

So that set a mother fucking standard somehow?

For who?

Why does my standard have to be what everyone adapts to?

Why do I rebel and refuse to adapt to things?

Should I really be expected to though?

Why did my mentality change after a betrayal?

All these questions

And the only answer

Is me

I am the only thing that can change anything

And I explicitly did not use the word fix because that would insinuate that something is broken

All that is broken is me and all that can repair it is me

So why

Do I


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