There are plenty of ways
I find myself
Feeding this
Inside me

The hardest part
Is finding ways to starve it

While trying to bring
A different me
Back to life

I remember days
When I was young
Sitting on a couch
Trying to figure out
Just how I got to be
So sad

But I never sat on a couch
And thought about all the ways
I could be so happy

My grandmother said
It’s because my parents
Didnt hit me enough

Where my mother says
Its a chemical imbalance
I genetically inherited
From the crazy

My father said
Its from taking things
The wrong way
To stay sad
Instead of taking things
To be happy

But I say
It’s because
I don’t know
What I need
To be happy

I don’t know if its
Life partner
Life partners?
Ice cream?

A new pair of boots!

Yeah, I like that one.

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