Momma or Ma?

Oh dearest Momma,
do mind if I call you Ma?
Can you hide these secrets?
Until one day I grow tall?
Momma, you have the best smile,
sometimes I wish that the human kind could live forever
but as desperate my wish the sooner things fade.
Will nothing seem to stay the same?
Ma, I need you here.
Guide me through life,
when will I know
how to take flight?
Can you steer me
from these hells
or will I perish?
Only time can tell.
But you can see
over the horizon
as good as the feelings within me.
I understand
that we alwyas seem to fight
but doesn’t this make us
super tight?
You seem to read me,
when I am sad,
when I am mad,
and any emotion
even the ones I wish I never had.
When I am in love, you will be the first I tell.
Even though you hide it
maybe I can read you just as well.
I wonder if I should try
maybe I could notice
when your about to cry.
Things seem to touch you
gently and smooth.
I hope I reach your heart
and maybe I will grasp it soon.
I never want to let go
of this endless night
these memories will stick with me
as time seems to flow
the times we spent will be endless you know?
Maybe we can hold out
maybe we shouldn’t fight.
Maybe all we lost
was just something to gain.
Maybe when we awake from this hazy dream
we will be ok and laugh inbetween breaths.
We’ll laugh so hard our lungs will pop
then we will be happy
without any second thoughts.
Back to the topic
from which this began
I need you now
or I refuse to stand.
On the floor I lay
until you seem to think
that maybe just maybe
I am always thinking
of the wonderful
lovable Momma I need.
I hope you know now
as you are reading this
when I am writting
these tears dont stick.
Paper seems to hide every small detail,
my true felings for you
are left within every line.
Hopefully you will read them
inbetween the lines
and maybe you will uncover all that is mine



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