Enough is enough

Was I not broken enough?
Was I not good enough?

I thought about you
My heart beat for you
And I wasn’t good enough.
And I finally found someone who values me
And I cant even put my whole fucking heart in it.

And then… you tell me you love me. You say I am beautiful. You message me first. Here I am. And there you slipped… right through my fingers again.

Then there he is, he saves me. He rescues me from you. He makes me feel valuable. He makes me feel like I am one of a kind.

You make me feel like I am great. I just feel stuck. I know I should stay with him, and he is great. I will stay with him. I need to let you go. You toy with me. You call upon me when YOU miss me. When YOU need me… Were you insecure? Were you feeling useless?
Why… I just…
I loved you… But now I have him. And you should respect that.
For the sake of my heart…
Lets be friends.

DOW: 5/29/14

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