Teenage dramaqueen pt.2

The ultimate sacrifice will never be acknowledged. One could bleed inside for the life of another, and yet, the selfishness lies with the one enduring all the pain. Belief, that’s what ruins things. The belief that one is doing it wrong or with wrong intentions. No amount of explanations will make this sacrifice satisfying.
I sacrifice a lot. I endure the pains of life. I breathe in the regrets. I exhale the dissatisfaction of me being. All I yearn for is the touch of approval. The voice of happiness. The promise of a held together environment. Why can’t you see that all I want to do is make you smile forever. I want to love you forever. I don’t care if I was told we will destroy the world with the next touch between us. I would hold your hand and face the end with you.

But no one is as passionate about love as me. I would walk the ends of the earth just to see someone smile… I never get the chance… Maybe this is why I have never seen myself get married… Maybe this is why I dream of being old alone. I am not meant to be with anyone. I was meant to be alone. Satisfying everyone and never being satisfied with myself. I see now.


DOW: 10/30/13


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