When you try to sleep

You caved. Like you knew you would. You’re so pathetic, but it’s also kinda sweet how you have so much faith. Waiting for a message that never comes AND checking your phone repeatedly until it does? Sheesh, get a grip! He is sweet to you, you aren’t going to have the same opinions- and that’s ok. But you really should stand your ground. If you say no, don’t be so forgiving. If you don’t want to answer, don’t. Stop letting guilt get the best of you, you deserve to live a life without guilt. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Even if you over exaggerated

Even if you cried

Even if you made a big deal of things

Or if you didn’t

Feeling guilty won’t change anything except disrupt your feeling process

Your feelings are valid

You will learn to listen and convey them

Once you find someone willing to listen

You’ll be golden

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