Georgia pt. 2

The hike at Kennesaw Mountain really wasn’t that bad, at first. I got a lot farther than I anticipated but I also didn’t think it would be that long of a hike. This is what happens, in my mind I think it’s going to go great and I should definitely go exercise and be active! I call this self-punishment. Either way, I am proud I was able to finish and drag my unwilling self to the truck.

The hike, my heart says it was 5 miles. I honestly can’t say how many it actually was, my phone falsely peddled the idea that I only took 32 steps. Even now it is saying 3 miles but when we used the GPS to find our way back to the car it said it was 2 miles away. Disappointing. I usually have my Bellabeat Leaf Urban fitness tracker, which works fabulously, but I didn’t this time because my bracelet broke (it didn’t really break, it’s made of leather and me sweating in it made it stinky). Needless to say, I am very unsure how far I walked or if it would even be considered a far distance. As someone who hasn’t exercised in a very long time, it was difficult.

At first I was all about it, taking pictures, walking ahead at times. I felt good, it wasn’t too hot; there was coverage under the trees to protect from the sun. I snapped some great pictures, I felt great, saw where the racists died. Overall I was having a fantastic time.

I started to get a little hot, so I drank some water. Then my feet started to hurt so I took a short break. I felt fine, my feet stopped hurting so I stood up and began to walk again. Biggest mistake, that break was the worst decision as once I began to walk again I felt like I couldn’t lift my legs. My thighs and turning stomach were the issue. I pushed on though. I wasn’t at my breaking point yet. I started an uphill trek, and that’s when it hit me. I was walking uphill, out in the sun, and I saw a stump and took a seat. A man said “Can you imagine those Yankees walking hundreds of miles in 100° weather?” My response was “And they won.” That was the motivation I needed, I made it to the top of the hill, took another short break because I honestly did feel like I was going to vomit. I was burping up breakfast. Less than 100 steps later the truck was in sight! I was so relieved I noticed I picked up the pace and practically ran to the truck. In the back of my mind I was just so relieved that we didn’t bring the jeep. I have a very hard time climbing in and out of the jeep without being completely exhausted.

I am pretty lucky my family isn’t fat phobic and my sister’s boyfriend isn’t either. They were very understanding and willing to work around my needs.

No one wants to be fat, this was definitely not a situation I want to be in again. I wish I could say that I am overweight because of eating fattening foods or such, but the real reason I gained weight was because I just stopped exercising. I ate the same, I behaved the same, I just stopped going to dance classes, and no more P.E in school, and no more walks with friends or runs around the neighborhood. It always amazes me how no matter what I do now as a 25 year old woman, I will probably never be able to get to that point of being active as I was and feeling good about it. But this topic is for another piece, and perhaps I will cover it someday.

The hike was great, but the next hike I go on wont be because I requested it.


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