I can hear the wind
Screech across the shutters
Like nails
Dragging down a chalk board

I lie awake
Mostly for your call.

Or a message
Or something

I don’t get it
I never do
I don’t know why I hold my breath
For something that so irregularly happens

You say things will change
You make me believe it
Believe you

But slowly that trust is fading
And I don’t think you realize
That some nights
I don’t feel like I know you 

I’m not convinced
You are truly invested

I feel guilty
So I don’t tell you

But most days and nights
I feel more alone than I ever have

Is it because
You showed me what it’s like
To not feel this way?

But what did I do
For you to change
For you to take away
That comfort
That security

I want it back
Please don’t go

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