Can we all feel it, too?

Battling without reason
Same with my crying
Thinking to the days
When I was a child
Sitting on a couch
Asking myself over and over
“What do you have to be sad for?”
I could never answer.

Even as I rattled off in my head
A list of reasons
To smile
I could not bring it to
My face. 

As a young girl
Being told to smile
I grew up
To be fake.
Wearing this
Of happiness
Feeling the ocean
Of emotion
Within me.
I suppress.

There was a long time
I couldn’t associate
With what I was
I would have my mind
To figure out
If my emotions
Can truly be explained,

Am I really feeling angry?
Or do I feel something else
And was taught it was anger.
What if
What I’m feeling
Isn’t what we think it is.

What if it’s something worse?
How am I to know?
I can’t even explain
Why I am crying
As I

I’ve never truly struggled
I’ve had a great family behind me
No one is perfect
I’m sure they feel they do
What they can
I feel that way too. 

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