No additional content.
That’s what it said
In black letters
On the top of my screen

No additional content
For me to write
Or for you to read.

They say a picture
is worth a thousand words
And yet
Actions speak louder
than them all

So no, there is
No additional content

There is nothing left
But forgotten thoughts
Hopeful memories
And the breath I breathe

That feels like it’s for you
I used to compare the love
Of another
To oxygen in a room

But I have learned
That it’s so much more

My love for you is the room
My love for you is the house

The ground
The earth
The galaxy
And all of space.

So why can’t I breathe?
Is my love too strong?

The weight it carries crushes me
And yet you take such

I grow weak and sad
Unable to cope
with the assumptions
of what’s on your mind
because when I ask you
you seem
to be thinking of nothing
all the time.

Just like a woman
Some would say

And although it may be true
The institution didn’t teach you
To hold your thoughts in
And pretend like others are more valuable

You have the privilege to share
And yet you make me wonder

I am a little crazy
But that’s apparently what men like

They want a person whose emotions
Are so strong they make up for the ones
You were never allowed to have

And no,
There is no additional content to add

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