Hidden Gem

On the outside so beautiful,
ready to be seen,
glimmering in the sun;
Never showing what lies beneath.

For when you melt the surface
of this beautiful girl,
you find that in the center
is a sludge that destroys worlds.

You only take a layer
of her beautiful exterior,
Being sure not to break through
to the darkened center.

But it’s not only just you.
Too many people
have lingered past,
seeing this gem,
sneaking past her walls
with their sweet, soft words.

Only to steal a layer.
And forget the girl.

There is a myth
about girls like these,
their beauty was so pure
they shined from beneath.

But with every layer taken
their shine began to die.
The torment they feel
they see of their own volition,
and so her core

Now with just a few layers left
you have snuck in,
smooth words
and broad chest
a hero
ready to win.

Just for a second
there was a faint glow.

This foolish girl,
she should’ve known.
When you finally took your layer,
she threatened to break.

Unable to return it
you realize your error.
You stay for a moment,
caressing the thinnest spots,
knowing any pressure
will release the rot.

But she cannot take it!
She knows what this means,
the moment she shines
you will leave.

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