Got Milk?

Got depression?
It’s nutritious and delicious!
Served up on a silver spoon,
ready to be taken
by all willing to consume.
For life is a give
but for people who only take,
depression is the answer
from causing you to wake.

Over thinking at night?
Well here is a tip!
Just shut your mind up
with alcohol and trips.
Not to the store
but with these pills, you see,
they promise to end your depression
and hide your misery.

Unwilling to move?
It’s hard to stay awake…
Unable to sleep,
and still more drugs you take.
This is a vicious cycle
yet it feels so good
to have something to hold onto.

You close your eyes
as you take your final breath,
just wishing for a body;
someone to caress your neck.
To tell you it’s all fine
and everything will be okay,
but every morning you awake
knowing alone is how you’ll stay.

Just don’t let the darkness
coax you in,
brace yourself
you can win.

You twist and turn
Knowing you can fight,
But the darkness has a death grip
on your life.
“This is the end,”
you whisper under your breath,
but soon you’ll find your cape
and fight the darkness to death.


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