I just sit

Yes, the man in the seat behind me is no longer able to breathe in this stale airplane air.
But we all breathe him in.
His deathly particles float around, beckoning us to run before Death captures us too.
just sit.
Horror films flashing in my head, but one film in particular. Where a woman is walking and a man is coming towards her. She is uncomfortable but tries to play it off, the man lurches at her! My heart racing. He could lurch forward. He could grab me and I wouldn’t even notice until it was too late.
I just sit.
Because if I turn to look, even for a moment people would assume I am crazy and just want to see a dead body.
just sit.
I’m sure his skin cells are floating through the air now at least 3 rows away. They can put as many blankets over him as they wish but the air is like a mattress: never clean. Heavy. Thick.
I… Just… Sit…
How much longer? 9 1/2 hours. How long has it been? 30 minutes. How long can I last? Not sure. Will I survive? Who knows.
Panic growing and I just want the plane to land but as the flight attendant has already said it’s impossible to land until we reach our destination.
I. Just. Sit.
I am breathing you in. While I sit on a plane, waiting to get home and sit in a sauna to sweat you out.

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