That Second

That second, a moment when you realize just how deep the emotional river runs.

That second time you go to therapy and think, “Wow! This could really help me!” but then you make the next appointment a month away.

That second, seems like time is standing still while you try to gather yourself and figure out exactly what to do or think. How can something be so effectively ineffective?

That second decision you over looked, bouncing back to your first knowing you will be wrong and your brain made that conclusion for you but you’re just too stubborn to listen because you know it all.

That second, minuscule moment in life, something no one will even remember. So why are you thinking about it so much?

That second thought that is screaming for you to empty your head and accept some guidance because if you don’t who knows how long you will have?

I have come to learn that every second matters, and how I treat myself each second matters. How the second thought, or feeling is important because if not my brain wouldn’t have made me aware of it. How important will you treat each second? Don’t give it a second thought.

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